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Inquiry about Cover Letter and Resume

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When you have received no response to your application or cover letter, you might consider writing an inquiry letter. This letter is relatively simple to write considering that you might have no new information to convey, and investing a considerable amount of time at this point seems inefficient. If you still do not receive a response to your application, consider the company a dead end and move on to other opportunities.

What do you include?

  • Restate the position for which you are applying.
  • Include a forecasting statement, which states why you are qualified for the position.
  • Give situational examples of your qualifications.
  • Update the company by including any new information about your qualifications or education by giving examples.
  • State your contact information and when you are available to be contacted.

Model of Inquiry about Cover Letter and Resume Letter

March 16, 2001

Ernie English
1234 Writing Lab Lane
Write City, IN 12345

Dear Mr. English:

This document should loosely reflect your cover letter. In this opening paragraph, restate the position for which you applied, and state that you are still interested. You may also wish to include a forecasting statement. This is a brief sentence explaining why you feel qualified to fill the position at hand.

In the second paragraph, briefly restate the qualifications listed in your cover letter. Since brevity is always important in employment related letters, remember to include only your most recent and relevant qualifications. In order to avoid restating your resume, give situational examples of your qualifications. If there have been any new additions to your resume, add those as well. Here too, avoid simply restating your resume since it will be included with your letter.

Finally, in the closing paragraph, restate your contact information and when you are available. Close the letter so that the employer knows that you are still sincerely interested in the job.

Lucy Letter

123 Winner's Road
New Employee Town, PA 12345