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Acceptance Letter

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The acceptance of a job offer is one of the most pleasant letters to write. Your contact at the company should have sent you a written job offer that briefly reaffirms the offer. This is their way of completing the legal contract between you and the company. It is your responsibility to confirm that you understand the details of the offer. This letter could also be used if the elements of the offer were not clearly stated. Use it to request clarification in your acceptance letter and state explicitly what you are agreeing to. This part is particularly important if critical items are not mentioned in the offer letter or remain vague, as often happens if the offer is made verbally.

What do you include?

  • Thank the company for the offer.
  • Accept the position.
  • Restate the terms of your contract. These may include salary, benefits, location and others
  • Restate any instructions given to you by the company. These might include your start date or the hours you will be working.
  • State your happiness at joining the company.

Model for an Acceptance Letter

May 10, 2001

Ernie English
1234 Writing Lab Lane
Write City, IN 12345

The acceptance letter is a simple and pleasant letter to write. In the first paragraph, thank the company for the offer and directly accept the position.

Next, restate the contract provisions as you understand them. These are points that you and your contact at the company have discussed in relation to your employment. They may include salary, location, benefits, or any other items. Restate any instructions you were given in their acceptance letter to you. These might include the date that you will begin working, the salary discussed, or the hours you would be working. It is extremely important to restate these details because they provide documentation of an understanding between you and the company before an actual contract is signed.

Finally, end with a statement of your happiness at the opportunity to join the company. Be thankful and courteous, watching your tone so as not to sound too overconfident.


Lucy Letter
123 Winner's Road
New Employee Town, PA 12345