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Desired Resolutions

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  • To identify the desired outcome for the patient, influenced by the technician’s intervention.

What to Include

The goals should be objective, descriptive, and/or measurable. They should describe what observable signs the patient exhibits as progress is made.

The patient’s desired resolution includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • vital signs within acceptable ranges
  • a successful outcome for the specific condition
  • changes in patient status

Avoid using terms such as “normal.” Instead, describe the patient, body part, or condition.

Example "Desired Resolutions"

Returning to the case of the mastitis cow, the following are examples of a desired resolution:

Milk returns to a consistency that is not watery, ropey, or clumped.
Milk is white in color and not tinged with blood.
T: 100-102.5, P: 55-80, R: 10-30, MMC: Pink, MMM: Moist, CRT: <2 sec., Skin Turgor: <2 sec.
Udder is pliable post-milking and is no colder or warmer than other quadrants of the udder. areas of the lower abdomen.
Milk sample has no drug residues.