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Reading & Using Job Ads Part 2

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The Contact Person

Highlighting the contact person, her/his address, phone number, and email address (if applicable) is very important because you will be sending your job search documents to this person. You will also be addressing this person directly in your cover letter. If the job ad does not list a contact person, try searching the company’s Website. You may also call the company to get the contact person’s name. For some jobs, though, you may be sending your résumé and cover letter to a human resource department with no specific contact person.

Make sure you spell all of the information about the contact person and/or the mailing address correctly. Spelling the contact person’s name wrong may hurt your chances of getting an interview.

Application Requirements

Highlight requirements for submitting information about yourself. Important questions to answer are:

  • Does the company require a résumé or an application, or both?
  • Does the company require a cover letter?
  • Does the company require a list of references of your past employers?

Other important questions to answer are:

  • How does the company want you to submit your information?
    • Hard copy? (How many copies of each document? Mailed or delivered in person? If the company wants you to apply in person, be prepared to complete the application rather than writing “see résumé.”)
    • Electronic?
    • Online application?

What are some other things I should look for when reading job ads?

Other important areas of information to note when you read job ads include:

  • Application deadline
  • Date the job begins
  • Salary
  • Work hours and shift work
  • Travel requirements
  • Age requirements
  • Security clearance, drug and alcohol policies
  • Driver’s license requirements
  • Public transportation to job site

Click here to download the PDF file containing sample résumés and employment letters.