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Application Worksheet Part 1

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Job Applications Worksheet

One thing that can make the job search more frustrating and last longer is trying to fill out applications when you don’t have all your information organized and in one place. Fill out the job application worksheet below and print it so you have all your important information in one place. If you do not have access to a printer, follow this form as a guide and write the information on paper. Keep track of your worksheet.

Personal Information

Last name

First name

Middle name

Street address (with apartment number)



ZIP code

Phone number (including area code)

Email address (use a professional address, not

Cell phone number (including area code)

Other ways to contact you

Years and months at present address

Previous street address



ZIP code

Years and months at previous address

Social Security Number (for more information:

US citizenship (You may be asked to provide proof you are a legal US citizen.)

Job position

Days/times available

Nights? What hours?

Weekends? What hours?

Transportation or how will you get to work

Pay or salary desired/required (also good to put “open” or “negotiable”)

Date of birth

Sex (or gender)



Marital status

Dependents (children)

Have you been bonded or can you be bonded (insured)?

Have you been arrested? (Misdemeanors and minor crimes, and crimes committed under the age of 16, do not have to be mentioned. If you have been convicted of a felony (major crime) in this country, you should answer, “Yes.” It is good to then write “I will explain this in the interview.” If the job application asks for more details, write the offense, date, and sentence. But you have the option of leaving this question blank and merely write “I will explain in the interview.”

Physical or emotional limitations that might prevent you from doing the job? If so, provide details

Serious illnesses or allergies

Interests and hobbies

When can you start work?

Are you willing to get more training?

Why did you apply for this job at our company?

Do you have a valid driver’s license?

Click here to download the PDF file containing sample résumés and employment letters.