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Separable Phrasal Verbs

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add up
back up
cause to move backwards; support
blow up
cause to explode; destroy by explosives
break down
analyze; list the parts of separately
bring about
cause to happen
bring off
bring on
bring out
publish; emphasize
bring over
bring to
bring up
raise; care for from childhood
brush out
brush the inside of
burn down
destroy by burning
burn up
consume by fire
buy out
by the other person's share of a business
buy up
buy the whole supply of
call off
cancel; order away
call up
telephone; summon for military service
calm down
become calm
carry on
carry out
fulfill; complete; accomplish; perform
carry over
carry; continue at another time or place
cheer up
cause to become cheerful
chew up
chew thoroughly
chop up
chop into small pieces
clean off
clear the surface of
clean out
clean the inside of
clean up
clear out
clear the inside of
clear up
clarify; clear the inside of
close down
close permanently
close up
close temporarily
count in
count out
count up
calculate; count; add to a total
cross out
cut off
interrupt; sever; amputate
cut out
eliminate; delete
cut down
reduce in quantity
draw up
write; compose (a document)
dress up
put clothes on; adorn
dust out
dust the inside of
eat up
eat completely
figure out
interpret; understand
figure up
fill in
complete (a printed form)
fill out
complete (a printed form)
fill up
fill completely (a container)
find out
fix up
repair; arrange in a suitable manner
get across
cause to be understood
give back
give out
distribute; announce
give up
surrender something
hand down
deliver; pronounce formally; leave as an inheritance
hand over
yield control of
hang up
have on
be dressed in
have over
entertain someone informally at one's home
hold off
delay; restrain
hold up
delay; rob; threaten with a weapon
keep up
continue; keep the same pace
leave out
let down
let out
release from confinement; make larger (in sewing)
light up
light; illuminate thoroughly
live down
live in such a way as to cause something to be forgotten
make over
move over
move to the side
pass out
pass up
not take advantage of (as an opportunity)
pass on
pay back
pay off
discharge a debt completely; give someone his final pay
pick up
come to meet an escort; lift with hands or fingers; learn casually;initiate an association publicly
play down
play up
point out
pull down
pull in a downward direction; raze
push across
cause to be understood or accepted
put off
put on
dress in; deceive or fool
put up
preserve (food); receive as an overnight guest
quiet down
be quiet
ring up
the telephone
rinse off
rinse the surface of
rinse out
rinse the inside of
rule out
run down
trace; disparage; hit with a vehicle
run off
cause to depart; reproduce mechanically
save up
see through
complete; in spite of difficulties
see off
accompany someone to the beginning of a trip
send back
send to a place where formerly located
send over
send to where someone is
set up
show off
exhibit ostentatiously
shut off
cause to cease functioning
slow up
cause to move more slowly
spell out
enumerate; state in detail
stand up
fail to keep an appointment with
sweep out
sweep the inside of
take back
return; retract a statement
take down
remove from a high position; write from dictation
take in
understood; fool; deceive; make smaller (in sewing)
take over
take; assume command of
tear down
tear up
tear into small pieces
tell off
scold; reprimand
think over
think through
consider from beginning to end
think up
create; invent
throw away
throw over
tie up
tie securely or tight
tire out
cause to be exhausted
touch up
try on
put on a garment to verify the fit
try out
turn down
refuse; lower the volume
turn out
produce; force into exile, extinguish (a light)
wash off
wash the surface of
wash out
wash the inside of
wear out
use until no longer usable; tire greatly
wind up
finish, tighten the spring of a watch or machine
wipe off
wipe the surface of
wipe out
wipe the inside of; decimate
work out
write down
write out
write down every detail; spell out
write up
compose; prepare (a document)