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Intransitive Phrasal Verbs

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back down
retreat from a position in an argument
back out
desert; fail to keep a promise
back up
move backwards
bear up
blow in
drop in to visit unexpectedly
blow over
pass without doing harm
blow up
explode; lose one's temper
call up
calm down
become calm
carry on
continue as before; misbehave
catch on
catch up
cover the distance between oneself and a moving goal
check up
check out
leave; pay one's bill
cheer up
become cheerful
clear out
clear up
become clear
close down
close permanently
close up
close temporarily
came about
come along
accompany; make progress
come back
come by
visit someone in his home
come out
appear; make a social debut
come over
come to someone's house, to where someone is
come through
come to
regain consciousness
cut in
die away
fade; diminish
die down
fade; diminish
die off/out
disappear; become extinct
dress up
don fancy or unusual clothes
drive back
return by car
drop in
visit someone casually without planning
drop out
abandon some organized activity; leave; quit
drop over
visit someone casually
fall behind
not progress at required pace

fall off

decrease; lose weight
fall through
fail; not be accomplished
fill in
find out
fly back
return by air
fly over
fly to where someone is
get ahead
make progress
get along
have a friendly relationship
get around
circulate; move about
get away
get by
manage; either just barely or with a minimum of effort
get in
get off
descend from leave
get on
enter (a vehicle); mount (a horse, etc.)
get on/along
progress; be compatible
get up
get through
give out
become exhausted
give up
surrender; fail to finish
go back
go off
go on
happen; continue
go out
stop burning; leave one's residence
go over
go; succeed
grow up
hang around
remain idly; dawdle
hang up
replace a telephone receive on its hook
hold on
grasp tightly; persevere; wait while telephoning
hold out
continue to resist; persevere; persist
keep on
keep up
maintain the required pace or standard; continue
let up
diminish in intensity
lie down
look on
be a spectator
make out
progress; succeed
make up
become reconciled
move over
move to the side
pan out
turn out well; be successful
pass out
become unconscious
pass on
pick up
grow; increase
pull in
pull out
pull through
survive (barely)
ride over
ride to where someone is
run away
escape; leave; leave quickly without permission
run down
slowly lose power so as to stop functioning
run off
depart running; drain
sell out
sell the ownership or responsibility
settle up
pay one's bills or debts
show off
boast by words or actions
show up
arrive; appear unexpectedly
shut up
stop talking
slow up
reduce speed
stand by
wait; be prepared to assist
stand up
stand; rise from sitting; last; endure
stay over
remain at someone's house overnight or longer
step aside
move to one side
take off
leave the ground
take over
assume command
talk back
answer impolitely
throw up
turn around
turn so that one is facing another direction
turn in
go to bed
turn out
succeed; come; appear, as at a public meeting
turn up
arrive; be found unexpectedly
wait up
remain awake in anticipation
wake up
walk back
return on foot to where one was
walk over
walk to where someone is
wash out
fade or disappear from washing
watch out
be careful
wear off
fade; disappear through use or time
wear out
become unusable through use; become used up
work out
be successful