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Categorized List of Action Verbs

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Categorized List of Action Verbs

This categorized list contains only a few action verbs you can use to compose concise, persuasive, reader-centered resumes, cover letters, or other types of workplace documents. The examples are illustrations that overview the uses of action verbs in professional writing.

The media file above takes you to a sample resume containing action verbs.

Communication Skills

  • Negotiated price reductions of up to 30% with key suppliers
  • Interpreted financial information from the company's annual report
  • Translated all relevant company information into three different languages

Other words: Advocated, Clarified, Corresponded, Encouraged, Interpreted, Negotiated, Persuaded, Presented, Publicized, Solicited, Spoke, Translated

Creative Skills

  • Created an interior design layout for a 500 square foot retail venue
  • Introduced a new method of navigating through the A Software Program
  • Presented a new research project to the managers at the location

Other words: Acted, Applied, Composed, Created, Established, Founded, Improvised, Introduced, Navigated, Originated, Presented

Data / Financial Skills

  • Computed and recorded inventory valuation on a monthly basis
  • Documented inventory counts at the end of each working day
  • Verified the amount owed to the creditor in the Accounts Payable account

Other words: Adjusted, Allocated, Budgeted, Compared, Computed, Counted, Documented, Estimated, Forecasted, Inventoried, Invested, Predicted, Projected, Quantified, Recorded, Retrieved, Verified

Helping Skills

  • Assisted customers with choosing appropriate products
  • Trained new employees in the plant through demonstration techniques
  • Volunteered in the nursing home every weekend to serve the community

Other words: Aided, Assisted, Built, Demonstrated, Facilitated, Familiarized, Helped, Performed, Represented, Solved, Supported, Trained, Upheld, Volunteered, Worked

Management / Leadership Skills

  • Administered a variety of surveys to collect data about the employees
  • Implemented a safety communication program to promote safety awareness
  • Recommended an alternative solution to one of the company's problems

Other words: Achieved, Administered, Assigned, Attained, Challenged, Coordinated, Decided, Delegated, Established, Executed, Handled, Headed, Implemented, Incorporated, Intervened, Launched, Led, Managed, Mediated, Motivated, Organized, Oversaw, Planned, Prioritized, Recommended, Scheduled, Supervised, United

Efficiency Skills

  • Eliminated unnecessary cost of each unit of production
  • Maximized profits by 15% during the month of July
  • Heightened the level of employee moral through program incentives

Other words: Accelerated, Allocated, Boosted, Centralized, Downsized, Edited, Eliminated, Enhanced, Expanded, Expedited, Heightened, Lessened, Leveraged, Maximized, Merged, Optimized, Outlined, Outsourced, Prevented, Prioritized, Reorganized, Reduced, Revised, Simplified, Standardized, Stream-lined, Synthesized, Systematized, Upgraded

Research Skills

  • Examined a new mechanism that may reduce sickness on the campus
  • Identified a major defect in a microscopic organism last month
  • Surveyed a group of Purdue students with regard to Product A

Other words: Analyzed, Collected, Compared, Controlled, Detected, Diagnosed, Evaluated, Examined, Gathered, Identified, Investigated, Located, Measured, Organized, Reported, Replicated, Researched, Reviewed, Searched, Surveyed, Wrote

Teaching Skills

  • Defined a new product strategy and discussed how it would be implemented
  • Instructed Department B on how to reduce inventory and raise net sales
  • Prepared a tutorial manual for an English class last semester

Other words: Aided, Advised, Clarified, Communicated, Defined, Developed, Encouraged, Evaluated, Facilitated, Fostered, Guided, Helped, Incorporated, Informed, Initiated, Instructed, Lectured, Prepared, Supported, Supervised, Stimulated, Taught

Technical Skills

  • Assembled an entire computer programming simulation for my CPT course
  • Designed a new form of Widget C for a manufacturing facility
  • Programmed three new computer programs tailored for a network system

Other words: Analyzed, Assembled, Built, Calculated, Computed, Conducted, Designed, Devised, Engineered, Maintained, Operated, Programmed, Reengineered, Remodeled, Transmitted


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