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Request a Consultation or Workshop

This page provides an overview of the types of consultations and workshops that can be requested, as well as important information to know before submitting a request. In order to complete a request, the form at the bottom of this page must be filled out and submitted.

Downloadable Workshops

Instructors are welcome to use our downloadable workshops to present writing-related content in any class—or for any nonprofit group—at any time. Please review our Fair Use Policy before using the workshops.

Consultation and Workshop Requests

Writing Lab faculty and staff are available to consult with instructors about assigning and responding to student papers, encouraging students' use of the Writing Lab, and developing ideas for special projects connected with writing. The Writing Lab is committed to writing across the disciplines and communities at Purdue, and we welcome ideas for collaboration with departments, programs and other units in the university. We understand that the most sustained learning around writing happens when it reinforces prior learning, introduces disciplinary or field conventions, and honors the languages, linguistic practices, and rhetorical awareness or traditions students bring with them from beyond the university. We encourage you to submit your course syllabus and assignment descriptions to the Writing Lab to help us better assist your students in their tutorials.

Please review the options below and fill out the Consultation and Workshop Form.

  • Writing Lab introduction or “tour”
    • Writing Lab tutors provide an overview of Writing Lab services, who we are, how to make and prepare for appointments, and when to visit based on individual writing needs for the course and students’ academic/professional trajectories. 
  • Guided peer review workshop
    • Writing Lab tutors will provide a hands-on workshop where students participate in peer review, learn strategies and best practices for providing feedback to others, and learn how to best receive and apply constructive feedback. Peer review workshops are tailored for each course, and content, structure, and specifics depend on the writing task at hand. You will work with a Writing Lab administrator first to talk through logistics. 
  • Collaborative, co-led workshop 
    • Administrators and tutors will work with you on providing a writing workshop based on disciplinary and course needs. Workshops are collaborative and largely co-led by you and Writing Lab staff in order to honor disciplinary perspectives on writing in the field or subject matter at hand. You will work with a Writing Lab administrator first to brainstorm ideas, workshop content, and logistics.  
  • Consultation with Writing Lab administrators
    • Writing Lab administrators will meet with you to discuss, strategize, and provide suggestions for how to craft writing assignments, writing-related lesson plans, and feedback on writing in your course(s). Administrators are also happy to help faculty and staff with writing support for non-course-related writing.
  • Personalized Request
    • If you are looking for support aside from what is listed above, please describe your request on the form below and Writing Lab administrators will get in touch with you to discuss options. 

Please note:

  • We need a minimum of at least two weeks advance notice to fulfill your request.
  • Instructors must be present for all programs. 
  • No workshops, peer review sessions, or Writing Lab overviews will be facilitated during the first two weeks or the last two weeks of the semester.
  • Whether we offer a consultation, workshop or another personalized request, we will collaborate with you to develop interactive pedagogically-appropriate instruction that leads to long-term transference of writing skills

For more information, contact the Writing Lab at 765-494-3723.

Consultation and Workshop Form