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Faculty Guides

The guides on this page are intended to help Purdue faculty better serve student writers. In addition to the downloadable versions below, physical copies are also available upon request from the Writing Lab. Please contact writing.lab@purdue.edu with any queries.

Faculty Graduate Writer Guide

The purpose of this Purdue Writing Lab guide is to aid faculty across the university in supporting both domestic and international graduate students as writers.  It explores the context of graduate student writing and includes strategies for providing feedback and for supporting students' development as scholars in their field of study.  The strategies are contextualized in current research.

The Faculty Guide for Working with Graduate Writers (PDF) is available here. 

Date of current edition: 2021

Faculty Multilingual Guide

The Purdue Writing Lab offers a guide for Purdue faculty across the university with strategies for how to read, assess, and provide feedback on the work of multilingual student writers, contextualizing these strategies in current Second Language Studies research. Please note that this guide primarily focuses on undergraduate students, though much of this material can also apply to graduate students.

The Faculty Guide for Working with Multilingual Student Writers (PDF) is available here. 

Date of current edition: 2021

Tutoring Schedule & Locations

Schedule a tutoring appointment at any location or register for our group programs with our online scheduler.

Please note: If you have issues logging in, please call the Writing Lab for assistance scheduling your appointment. We've prepared a helpful guide to using our online scheduler, WCO, for the first time.

Virtual Hours (Summer 2021)

Monday-Friday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Limited face-to-face consultations available by appointment. Please check WCO for availability.

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