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Employment Opportunities at the On-Campus Writing Lab

The On-Campus Writing Lab employs both graduate and undergraduate students to work as writing consultants.  Tutors in the On-Campus Writing Lab can expect to gain experience with a variety of written genres (ENGL 106 compositions, business documents, dissertations, etc.) and with various aspects of writing (organization, sentence structure, hedging, etc.) and the writing process.   They will also participate in a variety of paid professional development opportunities on various writing- and tutoring-related topics.

We are interested in reflecting the diversity of the Purdue community in our staff.  Students from diverse backgrounds and any major are encouraged to apply for positions in the On-Campus Writing Lab.

Graduate Students

Graduate student tutoring positions are generally .50 FTE assistantships (20 hours per week) for the academic year (fall and spring semesters, with the potential for the following summer depending on On-Campus Writing Lab needs).  Occasionally, .25 FTE positions (10 hours per week) are available depending on needs and graduate student constraints. 

The On-Campus Writing Lab accepts applications from graduate students in all departments at Purdue University.  Students offered an assistantship are required to enroll in ENGL 502 (a tutoring practicum) during their first semester tutoring.  In addition to the experience with writing mentioned above, GTAs can expect to gain first-hand insight into how undergraduates approach writing tasks and interpret assignments, rubrics, and instructor feedback.  Tutoring in the On-Campus Writing Lab thus serves to provide professional development both for a tutor’s own current writing requirements and for future teaching positions.

Hiring for GTAs usually occurs during late fall or early spring semester for the following academic year. The schedule varies from year to year and depends on administrative decisions in individual graduate programs. A dossier should include the following and be emailed to  

  • An updated copy of your CV
  • A brief cover letter expressing your interest in a position and explaining how it supports your personal professional development and career goals
  • approval/recommendation from a major professor or director of graduate studies

See the tutoring FAQs for graduate students for more details about the work you'll do as a grad in the On-Campus Writing Lab.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate tutoring positions are paid hourly.  UTAs can follow one of three routes to being trained and hired as a tutor: 

  • Successfully complete ENGL 390:  Theories and Methods of Tutoring Writing (3 credits)
  • Participate in an on-the-job, self-paced education program
  • Engage in an internship in collaboration between the On-Campus Writing Lab and the home department.

UTAs can begin tutoring in either fall or spring semester, and summer positions may be available to those who have already tutored one semester and who are taking summer classes. 

See the tutoring FAQs for undergraduate students for more details about the application process and undergraduate On-Campus Writing Lab work. If you have questions, contact