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Exercise : Commas with Nonessential Elements Exercise 3

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The following sentences have essential and nonessential words, phrases, and clauses in them. Put in the necessary punctuation. Some sentences are correct as is. Write a C if you think the sentence is correct.

1. The girl who teaches swimming at the neighborhood pool has a great deal of patience.

2. The girl who enjoyed teaching swimming decided to major in physical education at college.

3. The high school course that was most valuable to me was typing.

4. Maria wearing an original dress of her own design was the center of attention.

5. Dogsled mushing which has been his favorite sport for years requires a lot of effort.

6. Dauphin Island located off the coast of Alabama is a favorite spot for fishermen.

7. He saw his favorite movie Star Wars eight times.

8. Two of her friends Kate and Beth are planning to share an apartment with her next summer.

9. Citizen Kane considered by many critics to be the greatest American film ever made won only one Academy Award.

10. The officer who made the arrest had been investigated previously for excessive use of force.

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