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Exercise : Commas with Nonessential Elements Exercise 2

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Are the essential and nonessential elements in the following sentences punctuated correctly? If they are correct, write a C on the line to the left. If they are incorrect, put an X on the line. Do you know why the punctuation is correct or incorrect?

_____ 1. The woman who did not attend the meeting said that she had to study for her chemistry exam.

_____ 2. He did not however intend to return the money he borrowed.

_____ 3. West Point cadets, who break the honor code, are expelled.

_____ 4. She was as a matter of fact chiefly interested in becoming a Hollywood celebrity.

_____ 5. Raul's wife, Conchita, is president of the local Red Cross.

_____ 6. The German writer, Hermann Hesse, is a favorite with American college students.

_____ 7. The courthouse which was renovated recently was built in 1878.

_____ 8. Saul having forgotten to save his work lost all of his revisions when his computer crashed.

_____ 9. St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, wrote his handbook of spiritual exercises in the sixteenth century.

_____ 10. The book, that your sister gave you for your birthday, won a National Book Award.

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