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About Our Writing Lab Leadership

Writing Lab assistant directors organize many of the activities and service areas of the Writing Lab. The following is a list of all assistant director positions.

Assistant Directors

Graduate and undergraduate tutors have the opportunity to serve in a variety of administrative positions, which provide valuable professional development and experience. Current tutors in these positions are as follows:

  • AD for Undergraduate Education: Isaac Wang & Mitch Hobza
  • AD for Workshops and WAC: Elizabeth Geib
  • AD for Multilingual Writing: Curtis Jewell & Sung Ae Kim
  • AD for Content Development of Purdue OWL: Victoria "Eugie" Ruiz & Kim Broughton
Assistant Director for Undergraduate Education

The AD for Undergraduate education teaches a section of ENGL 390, a for-credit training course for prospective undergraduate tutors. The position works closely with Tammy in mentoring and training current tutors and keeping communication open between the different tutoring staffs. The AD for Undergraduate Education receives a negotiable amount of release time for teaching and other administrative responsibilities.

Assistant Director for Workshops and Writing Across the Curriculum

The AD for Workshops/WAC receives a negotiated amount of release time from tutoring to oversee in-Lab and in-class workshops.  This includes establishing a semester schedule of in-Lab workshops, communicating with instructors about workshop requests, filling workshop requests, and maintaining records and information about workshops. A good portion of this position requires the AD to communicate with faculty and with the Writing Lab Directors, since many workshop requests may not result in an actual workshop. Some requests may evolve into other WAC programs.

Assistant Director for Multilingual Writing

The AD for Multilingual Writing works on special projects related to multilingual writing meant to support those who work with multilingual writers. The position varies from year to year, depending on the interests and skills of the graduate student who occupies the position. The position may be either .25 FTE or .50 FTE.  It does not usually involve any tutoring hours.

Assistant Director for content development of purdue owl

The AD for Content Development sets and oversees content development priorities for the OWL by identifying needs for text, video, and other multimedia resources and by being mindful of diverse audiences. The AD updates existing content on the OWL, recruits, mentors and supervises content developers (graduate students and undergraduate), and oversees undergraduate staff in responding to queries and error reports from OWL users.The AD for Content Development provides support needs around research, engagement, and other projects as directed. This position also possess facility with (or an interest in) writing pedagogy, instructional design, and usability.


Tutoring Schedule & Locations

Schedule a tutoring appointment at any location or register for our group programs with our online scheduler.

Please note: If you have issues logging in, please call the Writing Lab for assistance scheduling your appointment. We've prepared a helpful guide to using our online scheduler, WCO, for the first time.

Virtual Hours (Spring 2021)

Monday-Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm

Limited face-to-face consultations available by appointment. Please check WCO for availability.

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