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Writing Lab Usage Data

Welcome to the Research area of the Purdue OWL. This section houses scholarship and research - past and present - on OWLs. Please check back as we continue to expand this section.

This page hosts selected presentations of Purdue Writing Lab's usage data, which shows just a few of the many ways the Writing Lab significantly impacts Purdue students. The drop-down menus allow you to filter results based on your interests. This research was developed in collaboration with the Purdue Office of Institutional Data Analytics + Assessment . We thank, in particular, Brent Drake, Monal Patel, and Meng Deng for their support and mentorship.
TrafficThumb.png Changes in the Purdue Writing Lab traffic data over time, analyzed by classification, college, country, and course (among other factors). Data for these visualizations are sourced from Writing Center Online data.
RetentionThumb.png Retention and graduation rates of Purdue students compared across those who use the Purdue Writing Lab and those who do not. These visualizations span 10 years of retention data.
UsageThumb.png Writing Lab usage by Purdue students compared across those who use the Purdue Writing Lab and those who do not. These visualizations span 10 years of usage.