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Answer : Tense Consistency Exercise 1

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In most cases with an inappropriate shift below, there is more than one way to correct the inconsistency. Each suggested change is probably not the only correct one for the sentence.

Correct responses are in bold, and incorrect responses are in italics.

 U  1. If the club limited its membership, it will have to raise its dues. (change will to would)

 U  2. As Barbara puts in her contact lenses, the telephone rang. (change puts to put) OR As Barbara puts in her contact lenses, the telephone rings. (change rang to rings to illustrate ongoing action)

 S  3. Thousands of people will see the art exhibit by the time it closes.

 U  4. By the time negotiations began, many pessimists have expressed doubt about them. (change have to had )

 U  5. After Capt. James Cook visited Alaska on his third voyage, he is killed by Hawaiian islanders in 1779. (change is to was)

 U  6. I was terribly disappointed with my grade because I studied very hard. (change studied to had studied)

 S  7. The moderator asks for questions as soon as the speaker has finished. (asks as habitual action; will ask is also possible)

 U  8. Everyone hopes the plan would work. (change hopes to hoped)

 S  9. Harry wants to show his friends the photos he took last summer.

 S  10. Scientists predict that the sun will die in the distant future.

 U  11. The boy insisted that he has paid for the candy bars. (change has to had)

 U  12. The doctor suggested bed rest for the patient, who suffers from a bad cold. (change suffers to was suffering)

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