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Answer : Articles Exercise 2

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Correct answers are in bold.

1. I have a horse of my own. I call her Pretty Girl. She is an intelligent animal, but she is not a thoroughbred horse. I could never enter her in a race, even if I wanted to. But I do not want to. She is a companion, for my own pleasure. I took her swimming a day or two ago.

2. A horse knows when he is going to race. How does he know? His breakfast was scanty. (He is angry about that.) He does not have a saddle on his back. He is being led, not ridden, to the grandstand. He is led under the grandstand into an unusual, special stall. The horse is nervous. Sometimes he does not know what to do when the starting gate flies open and the track is before him. If he does not begin to run instantly, other horses are already ahead of him. During the race, when he sees another horse just ahead of him, he will try to pass him. Sometimes the jockey holds him back to save his energy for the last stretch. Eventually the horse gets to run as fast as he can. The exercise boy, watching the owner's favorite jockey riding the horse he has exercised day after day, says nothing. Secretly, he is planning for the day when he will be a jockey himself, and his horse will be the first to cross the finish line.

3. Most working people have fewer hours to give to time-consuming activities of clubs than they used to have, but most people in a small town belong to a club or two. One of the clubs is likely to be a social and benevolent organization, such as the Rotary or Elks. Business people are likely to belong, also to either the Kiwanis Club or the Lions. Such business people's organizations may meet as often as once a week in one of the private dining rooms of the town's leading hotel for lunch. They have a good lunch, hear a good program, and continue their fundraising program for a worthy organization, such as a local hospital.

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