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Answer : Adjective or Adverb Exercise 2

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Correct answers are in bold. Incorrect answers are in italics.

1. Terrence plays quarterback as well as Brian. correct

2. The game hadn't hardly begun before it started to rain. had

3. This was sure a mild winter. surely

4. Jane behaves more pleasant than Joan. pleasantly

5. When you are a parent, you will think different about children. differently

6. I felt badly about not having done good on my final exams. bad, well

7. Whether you win is not near as important as how you play. nearly

8. Asian music often sounds oddly to Western listeners. odd

9. Does your car run well enough to enter the race? correct

10. I felt safely enough to go out at night on my own. safe

11. You can see the distant mountains clear with these binoculars. clearly

12. Our team was real sharp last Saturday afternoon during the game. really

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