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"When I'm having trouble getting started, I free-write in a notebook with my favorite pen. Something about that pen moving across the paper sparks all my ideas."
-Rachel A., Tutor
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By Ara A., Tutor

In a recent tutorial, I worked with a writer who used semicolons to punctuate pauses in his writing. That tutorial served as an inspiration for this article.

A semicolon is used to indicate a pause in a sentence. In appearance, it looks like a combination of a comma and a period. You can think of the semicolon's pause as longer than a comma's pause but shorter than a period's pause.

Semicolons can be used as commas in situations where you want to break up a list that contains phrases instead of single words. In this situation, using too many commas in the sentence will distort the meaning and make the writing appear clumsy. For instance, with commas only:

The famer's basket had red, juicy tomatoes, sweet honey, large, red strawberries and delicious sandwiches.

Now, with semicolons:

The famer's basket had red, juicy tomatoes; sweet honey; large, red strawberries and delicious sandwiches.

You can also use semicolons to link up two related, independent clauses (sentences that could stand alone):

Dana is a great writer; she studied creative writing for 5 years at Purdue.

A a comma cannot be used in the same way. While two independent clauses can be connected using a semicolon and no conjunction, replacing the semicolon with a comma will also mean that a conjunction should be introduced into the sentence:

Dana is a great writer, and she studied creative writing for 5 years at Purdue.

Semicolons are one of many punctuation tools we can discuss at the Writing Lab. A tutor may bring up your punctuation with you in any session as a part of the overall conversation, and you can always let us know if it's something you want to specifically focus on.
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