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September 13, 2017

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The Weekly Writer

A Writing Lab Perspective on Your Job Search Documents

By Rachel A. & Ruben R., Tutors

If you're graduating soon, or attending a career fair, you are most likely in the midst of preparing application materials like cover letters and résumés. While any Writng Lab tutor can help you with any of your writing, many of us are also Business Wriring Consultants (BWCs), and we're trained to ask similar questions to those that hiring directors might themselves ask during a review of your materials or in an interview.

The difficulty in preparing your job search documents frequently lies in to choosing what to include—and specifically what's important enough to include—writing about yourself is hard! A BWC can provide assistance with organizing your past experiences into a meaningful narrative which can be utilized to cast you in an interesting light to a potential employer, whether you are coming straight out of school, lacking work experience or you are trying to fit years of accomplishments into a single page.

We are also familiar with the conventions of résumés, cover letters, and CVs, and how to fine-tune your documents' content, design, and structure to fit their purpose. While some aspects of these documents need to remain the same (for instance, a cover letter's opening and closing), there are still ways in which you can tailor a document to your field and even to individual companies. BWCs can help you decide whether to go with a skills-based or chronological résumé, how to organize your cover letter, and how to format your CV, to name just a few.

BWCs and other Writing Lab tutors can help you consider your documents in a different perspective than other campus job search resources. With a BWC, you can begin preparing for the next stages of the application process as you write your documents, and we can help tailor your documents to those next stages.

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Workshop: Cover Letters
September 20, 1:30 – 2:30 PM
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Workshop: Statements of Purpose for Grad School Applications
October 4th, 1:30 – 2:30 PM
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Staff Spotlight

By Ara A., Tutor

Hello! My name is AraOluwa, but you can call me Ara. "Ara" means "Wonders of God," and is in Yoruba (a Nigerian language). As you might have realized by now, I am from Nigeria and have lived there for most of my life. I am a junior in Chemical Engineering with diverse interests—I'm not sure what I want to do yet, so for now I'm just enjoying the ride. I got involved in the Writing Lab after my ENGL 106 class, which I enjoyed a lot (yes I am being serious). This was an important time for me as a freshman coming from a different country because it helped me to understand how to process all the new information I was receiving through different types of rhetoric. Something about my writing style: I write really long sentences (you might have noticed that by now) and that is a reflection of how I talk—I tend to talk really fast in one breath, and it often translates into my written word. Working in the Writing Lab has made me more of a critical thinker when I write and when I read other people's papers. In case you ever have a session with me be ready to answer all my Why's!

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Rainbow Callout

Rainbow Callout is the annual welcome and resource fair for the entire LGBTQA+ and ally community at Purdue University. With live performances and over 80 on- and off-campus departments and organizations present, you will meet new friends, connect with supportive resources, and find ways to get involved in the campus community! Staff, faculty, undergraduate & graduate students, and community members welcome! More information »

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Writing Tip of the Week

"If I'm stuck at the beginning, middle, or even end of the writing process, sometimes I draw my argument out on a white board. I use different colors for different ideas and connect them to create an ideas map. There's something about drawing that sparks a different type of creativity that writing alone can't always reach."

-Elizabeth G., Tutor

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Rereading America

Recommended by Nathan M., Tutor

This anthology is a great resource for any writer—domestic or international—striving to understand the context in which Americans live, work, and play.

You can find this book in the Writing Lab's library. Just ask the front desk.

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