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August 02, 2017

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The Weekly Writer

The Weekly Writer will be on hiatus during the break between the Summer session and the Fall semester. Look for our next issue on or about August 23rd.

The Writing Lab and the Drafting Process

By Elizabeth G., Tutor

As instructors, you have experience not only teaching writing but also composing documents of your own. You know that writing can be hard, and it can be messy. The drafting process can be especially frustrating, and you most likely have students in your class who have different writing knowledge, skills, and comforts. Talking about their own writing can be intimidating for students, so consider spending some time discussing the Writing Lab in your classroom around the time drafting might take place.

The Writing Lab is helpful because there are tutors with different backgrounds who have experienced writing in a number of ways. They know frustration, and they also know the rewarding feeling of being proud of a finished paper. Tutors work with so many different people from different disciplines and different countries, people who may understand writing as something different than the next person. Because of these experiences, tutors gradually see more and more styles of writing and ways of knowing/understanding, making them great people to talk to about writing in any subject.

Students sometimes forget that everyone needs help with their writing, so consider mentioning that you also talk about your writing with other people. If you go to the Writing Lab to talk about your work, share that with students. If you've never been to the Writing Lab, this gives you a reason to try something new.

Sometimes, coming up with a topic or argument is not the hard part of writing a paper. It may take some time to think about, but once that idea is set, visualizing how this idea might play out can be exciting. When it comes time to actually write something, those feelings can change. There are moments of success, moments of frustration, and moments that fall somewhere in between. Sometimes drafting a paper is much easier when there is someone to bounce ideas off of. You might also emphasize that talking with others about writing leads to a more diverse, well-rounded approach to composition. The Writing Lab can help your students with all of these concerns during the drafting stage and throughout the writing process.

Upcoming Events

The Writing Lab will be closed between the end of the summer session and the start of the Fall semester. We will reopen on the first day of classes, August 21st.

Staff Spotlight

By Nicki M., Receptionist

My name is Nicki Morgan and I'm a senior majoring in Speech, Language, and Hearing Science. I'm also getting minors in Spanish and Human Development & Family Studies. This will be my third year working as a receptionist at the Writing Lab. As a writer, I struggle with thinking outside the box and being creative. Since working here, our awesome tutors have helped me become more confident in my writing, academically and professionally. I've learned how to create an "attractive" resume as well as critique scientific articles in the speech pathology field. I've also learned how to write a unique personal statement for my graduate school applications.

Fun fact: I love traveling. In 2016 I studied abroad in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, London, and Paris.

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Writing Tip of the Week

"Wikipedia isn't usually an acceptable source for academic writing, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful. If you have to write about a topic you don't know much about, you can skim through its Wiki article to see what kinds of things people think are important, and you can often use the bibliography at the end of the Wiki to start your own research process."

-Rachel A., Tutor

Book of the Week

Cover of Resume Magic

Résumé Magic by Elizabeth Whitcomb

You can find this book in the Writing Lab's collection. Just ask the front desk.

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