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OWL Video Offerings for Instructors

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Included below is a list of OWL video offerings for instructors, all of which are accessible via the OWL Youtube Channel. 

Writing Lab Promotional Videos  

  • The Writing Lab for Graduate TAs 

    Two experienced writing lab tutors describe how the Writing Lab can help ICaP graduate instructors with the difficult work of teaching.

  • Peer Tutor Perspectives 

    Six undergraduate tutors share their experiences in the Writing Lab. Intended to promote the Writing Lab to undergraduates who might otherwise be unaware of its services.

WCOnline Help for Clients   

  • WCOnline for Students: Getting Started

    Introduces undergraduate students to the WCOnline platform, which the Writing Lab uses to manage appointments. Covers the basics of signing in, selecting the desired services, and scheduling an appointment. Also outlines the differences between online tutoring and etutoring.

  • WCOnline for Students: Frequently Asked Questions

    Intended as a supplement to “Getting Started.” Walks through the answers to common questions about WCOnline-based tutoring in order to help student clients get the most out of their tutoring sessions.

  •  WCOnline for Students: How to be a Good Tutee 

    A brief exploration of things undergraduate clients can do to make tutoring sessions smooth and productive.

Writing Lab History & Background Information

  • Visiting the Purdue Writing Lab 

    A collection of older videos intended to explain the existence and purpose of the Writing Lab to undergraduates. Features interviews with Writing Lab staff and visitors.